Feeleez Poster


Feeleez Poster


This poster is ideal for the home, classroom, or therapy setting!

  • Large size (22in X 28in) makes it EASY TO SEE and interact with

  • Soy-based ink is good for the environment and SAFE for kids

  • Hand-drawn images are perfect for KIDS ON THE SPECTRUM. They invite engagement among even the most reticent children

  • Approachable style makes it easy for parents and teachers to teach and support EMOTIONAL LITERACY by simply hanging this poster in a convenient spot

  • Unlabeled images make for OPEN-ENDED CONVERSATIONS, and allow kids to connect with an image without worrying about getting it wrong

  • Carefully illustrated emotions allows kids to receive EMOTIONAL SUPPORT, paving the way for ADVANCED BRAIN DEVELOPMENT and accelerated learning

  • Image-based support makes the poster accessible and enjoyable in ANY LANGUAGE

  • DIVERSE imagery makes the poster inviting to all cultures and genders

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